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by Legnar Ekim Photography and the TEXAS GLAM SQUAD

We offer photography for any occasion. From headshots to crown shots, or senior portraits to bridal portraits. If you have a special event coming up and would like to book Legnar Ekim Photography and the Texas Glam Squad as a package then look no further. We are San Antonio based, but travel on location throughout Texas and the United States.



The Deposit secures your appointment. The deposit will go towards your total. The remaining balance of is to be paid before the photo session. If for some reason you are unable to make it to your photo session you are able to reschedule or your deposit is transferable. Deposits are nonrefundable. 

Full Payment

This includes: hair & make-up application, two (2) wardrobe changes, online gallery for you to view/share your photos online, and four (4) edited images of your choice from the photoshoot.

Mini Session Full Payment

This price is for Special Events or Groups only, and includes: hair & make-up application, one (1) wardrobe online gallery for you to view/share your photos online, and two (2) edited images of your choice from the photoshoot.

Purchase Entire Session

All the images from the photoshoot high resolution. Your session will be downloadable through an online gallery or we recommend you bring a 3.0 flash drive of 16gigs.

*Please note that download time depends on your internet connection.

Remaining Balance

 This is the remaining balance that goes towards your standard photo session with hair & makeup included. Remaining balance must be paid in full before the date of your session.

Additional Wardrobe Change

Additional Wardrobe Change for another look during your photoshoot. This includes minor touch ups to hair and make-up if needed, plus you will receive two (2) additional retouched images.

Additional Retouched Images

Each photoshoot package comes with a certain amount of edited images. You can always buy extra images individually. Additional Retouched Images may be purchased at any time.

5 Retouched Images

This package is for 5 Retouched Images from your Photo Session. All images retouched from the photoshoot will be in high resolution and sent to your email for download.




Photoshoot Info:

Each client may bring only one (1) guest with you, if any. Each client under the age of eighteen (18) years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Do not bring young children to a photoshoot as baby-sitters will not be provided. Make all arrangements necessary prior to our client’s photoshoot as it will be very busy that day, and too many guests at a photoshoot is a distraction.


Parents, directors, and/or agents will not be allowed to give direction to the photographer, make-up artist, or the individual being photographed while a session is in progress. Too many directions may cause confusion and makes everyone involved nervous and can result an unsuccessful shoot. You hired us to provide excellent experienced service. It is only right to have trust in our ability to properly serve you. Please note: We reserve the right to remove anyone that is not in compliance with these requests and you will lose your session, payment, and run the risk of scheduling any future photoshoots.


You must be on-time for your scheduled appointment! You are not the only client on any given photoshoot day, and it is in bad form to make your photographer, stylist, and/or any other clients wait for you. If you are running late a phone call must be made to notify in advance regarding tardiness. In the event you should arrive 30+ minutes late for your appointment you will lose your session, payment, and run the risk of scheduling any future photoshoots. Make sure you have your schedule cleared for an appropriate amount of time for your shoot. We can not rush a photo shoot to accommodate any another appointment following. You may ask the photographer in advance how much time may be needed especially during group photo sessions. So plan your schedule in advance.


Make sure you eat a good meal before your photo shoot. Do not starve your body thinking it will improve your look because it only does the opposite. You will look sleepy, have less energy, and may even cause you to become light headed. Do not bring food or drinks to any photoshoots. Many locations where we shoot have strict no food or drink restrictions and it is in good taste to follow and respect these guidelines.



Clothing Info:

Bring at least 4-5 different outfits: tops, shirts, dresses, etc. Interesting necklines are best. Bring a variety of solid colors. Think of colors that compliment your skin tone and eye color. Make sure you bring the correct undergarments for your outfits.  For example, neutral or flesh-tone colored undergarments or styles that are necessary for the outfit such as strapless or seamless. If your shirt is sheer bring a tank top/camisole to wear under.


Bring stylish earrings to compliment your selection of clothing. Bring a variety of small and large earrings. Please bring a nice pair of jeans, black pants, or nice shorts to wear with any tops for any 3/4 pictures. In the event that shoes may be seen, please take style and color under consideration in your outfit selection.


You must bring your clothing selection with you to your photoshoot. In the event you arrive without your garments you will lose your session, payment, and run the risk of scheduling any future photoshoots. Parents are not allowed to drop of their child/children and leave to retrieve garments from another location.



Make-up and Hair:

Come to your appointment wearing a top or blouse (preferably a white button-down) that can removed easily. So after the styling process it will not mess your hair and make-up. This does not have to be a new shirt, but please no t-shirts. Come with clean dry hair. Apply mousse in your regular drying process for fine thin hair to add volume. Make sure you have your hair color touched up before the shoot, if needed.


Come to your appointment with a clean face. This means no make-up on. There will not be an area for you to wash off earlier make-up. If you would like to wear removable hair extensions please bring them Clean with you for styling at the shoot. We will not have extensions available. False eyelashes will be provided unless you would like to supply your own. If you have an allergy to Latex please notify us in advance to avoid the use of Latex eyelash glue.


Have all facials and/or waxing done at least 3-5 days prior to your photo shoot.  Come with your eyebrows done. This is very important. Last minute appointments for facials and/or waxing may cause your skin to become red, irritated, or even burned. Make-up also will not stay in the area of a fresh wax job. Moisturize your face and lips very well the night before your photo shoot. Exfoliate skin and lips very well the day of your photo shoot. Scaly skin and lips are not pretty in pictures.



Skin and Nails:

If you plan to tan before your photo shoot, whether by spray or solar, please make smart choices. Do not try something you have never done right before and assume it will work out. Do not show up with burned skin or peeling. It will be uncomfortable and peeling will show in pictures. Also, think about tan lines when selecting your wardrobe for the shoot. Make sure your nails are considered before the shoot. Pink or neutral colored nails look most natural. If you have manicured nails please schedule an appointment to get your nails filled before the shoot if you wear acrylics. Remember your toes when selecting your paint color in case your feet show in the photo shoot.




All photos will be uploaded to an online gallery and you will be given a special link and password. You may share your photo gallery at your own discretion. If you buy all the images, they can also be downloaded from your gallery after payment is rendered, or you can bring a usb 16gig flash drive.

Should you have any special style/look requests, please do not hesitate to ask before the photoshoot. Also, please notify us or your director/agent, if he/she is scheduling the appointment, if any special accommodations need to be made regarding health concerns or handicaps should be addressed before any photoshoot.



We look forward to working with you! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions prior to your photoshoot.



Legnar Ekim Photography and the Texas Glam Squad reserve the right to make changes to the pricing at any time. We sponsor many pageants, and any price discounts or promotions are not featured on this website. If you are booking for a session that we are hosting an event for please use the link provided to you to pay or reserve your spot.

(Clients that currently have reservations will not be affected by any future pricing changes.)

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